​Here’s the thing: I don’t recognize what to do.

As a matter of fact, to be completely honest, even the littlest thing appears to be enormous when I don't realize what to do about it. The mind state of "not realizing what to do" resembles some sort of manifestation for little things in my brain.  This is not an unfirmiliar issue, Not realizing what... Continue Reading →


Cheating isn’t always physical. 

Being faithful means more than keeping your hands to yourself. It means more than only sleeping with one person, only kissing one person, only being physically involved with one person.  Being faithful means that you delete your Tinder and any other dating apps on your phone, because you don’t need them anymore. Because you don’t... Continue Reading →

If you love her dont’t destroy her.

If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be with her. But since you’re only a human being with kaleidoscopic emotions, you could be showing love to her in all the wrong ways. A healthy, happy relationship can transform into a destructive one if you treat her less than how she deserves to be treated. Nonetheless, I hope you... Continue Reading →

To my friends who doubt my loyalty

My life might not seem like much of anything to you or anyone else, I might seem lazy and unmotivated with no direction. But if I am doing something i give it my all, I cannot half heartedly commit to something. So when my sister got sick my grades dropped and my interest and concern... Continue Reading →

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